How do we specify your data?

 1 Registration

First we register your company on the data portal. You get a username and password for reviewing your customer, ordering, expiration and payment status.

2 Geographical information

You have to provide the geographical location to Specify the digital field boundaries of the plots you want to sign in for the IrriWatch service by means of shape file, Google Earth file of a simple screen shot. 

3 Essential information

We collect some essential information from you regarding your crop type, drought sensitivity, soil type and irrigation type.

4 Cloud check

We check whether your area is cloud eligible and for which months the quality of the product is sub-optimum.

5 Legal aspects

Next are the legal aspects of the service to which you have to adhere to. If agreed, a formal agreement is in place.

6 Trial periode

New accountholders get a free trial of 14 days. After these 14 days, you will be contacted on your degree of satisfaction and a decision on continuation will be made.

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Viewing the results 

Portal Tutorial

Drawing fields and placing order

Read how we specify your data

Legal information

IrriWatch and the user of the information will be bounded by a mutually signed agreement. Before placing the order, the conditions and disclaimer will be shared for inspection. The agreement can be viewed here.

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