Frequently asked questions
Can I use some free trial data?

You can use IrriWatch data for free during a trial period of 14 days and for maximum 3 orders. One order can comprise of several fields. Trial periods should be taken in the cloud free irrigation season only. After this trial fortnight you get an invoice with a payment condition of 14 days. If paid on time, a subscription of 12 months starts from the date of payment. A reminder will be send to provide this issue extra attention. Otherwise the free data delivery is discontinued.

Can I register any field?

You can register both rainfed and irrigated fields. The minimum area of each field (or part of a field) is 0.5 ha. The minimum order is 25 ha, and you can reach this minimum acreage with an associate. The data delivery period will be computed on the data portal on the basis of historic cloud cover and presented by a monthly bar chart.

How do I know the product is accurate?

The best is to try the product for 14 days and compare it against your own experience and measurements from field devices, provided you have them available. The irrigation service is less accurate for vegetation cover less than 15%. We provide a quality flag every day and for every polygon which reflects actual vegetation and cloud cover conditions

Can this technology be applied to any crop type?

The processing of the images is based on an energy balance, so the procedure to compute ET and soil moisture is neither dependent on the type of crop, nor its development stage. A distinction is made between C3 and C4 crops for computing the carbon fluxes and dry matter production. It is one of the reasons that crop types need to be provided.

Do I get a discount when I sign in more fields?

Yes the price per unit land goes down from € 10/ha/yr at 1,000 ha to € 1/ha/yr for 100,000 ha and larger areas. These fields can be located anywhere in the world. This is the price for a Basic Package. Advanced and Premium Packages are also available.

Can I resign from the service during the season?

No, the agreement foresees delivery of the data for a period of 12 months according to the delivery period proposed and agreed upon. The contract will be renewed after one year for another annual cycle, if approved by the client.

Can I use this information for Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI)?

Yes, we compute the recommended amount of Applied Water for every pixel of 10 m x 10 m. However, we currently present AW as a mean value for a polygon of 0.5 ha or larger. This can be one block of drip lines or a section of a center pivot system.

Where can I find the App and Web Application?

The IrriWatch App is downloadable in the PlayStore. It has a demo button for reviewing its functionality without requiring any registration. For seeing your own fields, you get a login code from the registration process. You can use that also for the Web Application. Excel and csv files can be created from the Web Application for your own data management and applications.

Can I use an API for getting access to original data?

Yes, you can send a request for an API raster data service to without extra charges. You can then pull down your daily fresh data. You can integrate the data into ongoing services for the farmer and irrigation community. The original raster data will be deleted after 10 days.

Is the data becoming available immediately after payment?

The first delivery takes a few days because every new order has to be checked and verified. If the order is part of a free trial, the data production was already in place and will continue. Once commenced, daily irrigation advisory data is provided every evening at 23.00 hours local time based on todays satellite measurements. It is a real-time product.

Can I start a new subscription during an ongoing irrigation season?

Yes, the subscription fee is based on a continuous period of 12 months. If the delivery period in the current calendar year has been completed, a possible interruption may arise. The data delivery will resume automatically in the next calendar year and the remaining data representing the first part of the irrigation season will then be provided until the 12 month cycle is completed.  

How is the area discount applied?

A company discount is provided if more areas are supplemented using the price-area scale. This is effective immediately on the date of any new land being registered. Hence, if new land will bring the total area to a new scale level, the discount price applies to this new fields. For fields signed in before, the 12 month agreement applies. These “older fields” will receive the discount at the moment of agreement renewal, i.e. when the 12 months cycle is expired.

Is the accuracy changing during the season?

 The irrigation data is most accurate if the vegetation cover exceeds 60% (60% leaves; 40% soil) and there are no clouds with skies being free from dust and aerosols. These days get a quality label of “excellent”. Emerging crops have a vegetation cover less than 15%, and the accuracy is under such situation always less than 60%. They will get the quality label fair (<60%), poor (<40%) or bad  (<20%) according to the actual vegetation cover of the day of delivery. In general, irrigation scheduling accuracy thus increases with crop development stages.

Can I also upload Google Earth .kmz files?

We discourage this because a .kmz file can per definition not contain attribute information. We need to know your crop type (and more), and this information needs to be imbedded in the shape file. You can create the .kmz files in Google Earth environment, but then import it into common GIS software, add the attribute information and export it into a shape file. The 7 different files related to the .shp format should be zipped into .zip and .rar for uploading into the data portal. Or you simply interactively enter all information by the manual procedure.files

Does it matter which geographic projection is used?

Every shape file must contain the international standard WGS84 geo-reference system. Other systems will not be accepted

Can I see how the Web-Application works for a region ?

Yes, if you register your company and email address, you will  get a unique login code. With this login code you can real time monitor the demo farm in Egypt. You can inspect raster and vector maps  of the region. Also graphs, tables and excel sheets of this farm with 23 fields. If you like it, you can assign your own irrigation fields. 

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