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We are IrriWatch
The root of effective irrigation

The comfort of knowing your irrigation operations are taken care of

We help farmers to irrigate effectively

Irrigation can be optimized using technologies

IrriWatch helps farmers and their irrigators to optimize irrigation water applications in a world of dynamical weather, soil and crop processes. The soil moisture and evapotranspiration of every pixel of 10 m x 10 m is measured daily from satellites for capturing the variabilities of key processes in space and time. Actual crop evapotranspiration from IrriWatch-offers an alternative to the classical Kc x ET0 approach that for more than 50 years has been used for computing crop water requirements. Almost all current irrigation advisory systems are based on automated weather stations for ET0 and a tabular crop coefficient Kc. IrriWatch is going to change these simplified approximations. 

Based on a recurrent data subscription system, IrriWatch provides soil moisture-based irrigation scheduling. IrriWatch is meant for on-demand irrigation systems, such as tubewells, pressurized distribution systems and canals with continuous flow. It deals with micro-irrigation and flood irrigation systems. An Irrigation App provides a suggestion for tomorrow’s irrigation schedule for every field or part of a field. A web-application shows a helicopter view of all fields from today, and the past. Today’s satellite measurement of the soil and crop status is integrated with tomorrow’s weather forecast. IrriWatch matches water supply and water demand that leads to a fair, profitable and sustainable agro-ecosystem.

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Our mission

Providing the new international standard and becoming the global leader of the next generation irrigation advisory services, based on soil moisture measurements from space.

Our vision

Increasing the efficiency and (economic) water productivity of irrigation system investments and leave more (ground) water resources in their natural environment through reduced withdrawals.

We use existing and new technology

We use three components to reach our goals

Satellite measurements

Measurements of different thermal satellites are combined into a daily leaf temperature product from which evaporative cooling, sap-flow, and root zone soil moisture conditions are inferred using advanced remote sensing algorithms. The soil moisture from today - in conjunction with weather forecasts for tomorrow – will assess the need to irrigate during the next 24 hours.  IrriWatch is the only company using the 4th generation SEBAL model as the core engine.  Every field is divided into pixels of 100 m2 each. For each hectare (10,000 m2),  100 pixels will be consulted to decide on required irrigation actions for tomorrow.  Irrigation is advised if 20 to 40 % of the pixels have soil moisture that is lower than the so-called critical soil moisture (i.e. threshold value at which crop water stress is triggered).

Mobile applications

Advice with a certain minimum and maximum amount of irrigation water is provided via the IrriWatch App that is freely downloadable from the PlayStore and the AppStore. Fields requiring water will be highlighted on a map. In the case irrigation is not required, the remaining period until the next irrigation is provided. For orders with less than 25 fields, each field will have a personalized Irrigation Bulletin. The priority of the fields to be irrigated will be ranked every day so that irrigation teams in the field better know where to start their job after checking the App at the breakfast table.

Web applications

The service includes also a web application for your tablet or laptop for additional diagnostic analysis. We provide a spatial viewer for commercial users who managing farms in different parts of a given country (or in different countries). This viewer is a monitor of the daily irrigation processes of all fields. Whether you call this a “monitor” or “control room” is your decision. We offer you the technology to oversee all fields you are responsible for. Areas of particular interest can be seamlessly zoomed in and out. This can be especially valuable in irrigation water supply systems that lack adequate and reliable flow measurement capability. Water supply agencies can monitor the equitability of water distribution and water productivity using unbiased information from IrriWatch.

Our product

Virtual sensing of soil water potential and soil moisture in the root zone - every day, every corner of the field. Irrigation advice by App and web application. For big data users, we have an API. The IrriWatch irrigation scheduling analysis is preliminary meant for growers and their irrigators. This can be individual family farms, but also commercial farms that pack and export commodities. Their irrigators can be own staff or consultants. Months with less than 90% cloud cover are considered for the service. On cloudy days without image, irrigation data will be computed from a soil water balance model that is calibrated for every 10 m pixel.  The minimum area for every order to be signed in is 25 ha, except for the Dryland Package that requires a minimum area of 100 ha. Field or part of fields larger than 0.5 ha will be accepted. A free trial period of 14 days is provided.


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